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Motor Vehicle Dealer Online Education Orientation Course

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Introduction for the MVED Dealer Certification Course

Welcome to the Motor Vehicle Dealer Online Education Certification Course. The primary objective of this course is to provide the information necessary to become a responsible and ethical licensed motor vehicle dealer in the state of Utah. Completion of this course is required for licensure to sell automobiles in Utah, as well as other licenses issued by the MVED.

New applicants for dealer licenses must attend a dealer orientation course such as this before the license can be issued. Each owner of the business must fulfill this requirement by attending the orientation in person or online. This online course satisfies the education requirement and, therefore, must be completed by every owner named on the motor vehicle bond, by registering each person individually.

License holders must also complete a recertification course each year prior to renewal. Anyone representing the business may attend the renewal course. However, it is highly recommended that an owner, partner, corporate officer, bond indemnitor, or manager attend. A list of trainers can be obtained from MVED at (801) 297-2600 and includes this online course.

It's no secret that car salesmen are considered, by many,  to be unethical, in fact, a recent Gallup Poll showed that only 7% of Americans thought that car salesmen have a high or very high level of honesty and integrity. That may be why dealer organizations and even the State of Utah are doing their part to improve the industry's image. But it's going to require effort on your part too.

Let's start with the definition of ethics. Ethics, according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is a system of accepted beliefs which control behavior, especially such a system based on morals. So, obviously, learning the laws that control your business is not enough to control your behavior and the behavior of your employees. That is why it is up to you to make the best business decisions possible in order to protect your customers and your reputation. As in any business, you will face challenges where your ethics will be tested. It is best to keep a good, clean reputation with your peers, customers and the division. In fact, any type of business should begin with a Mission Statement and Code of Ethics, which is provided to employees and adhered to at all times. Your business will benefit from the good choices you make, your customers will return since they can trust you and you will feel better about yourself and your business. Here is an example of a good Code of Ethics for car dealers:
As a member of the National Automobile Dealers Association, this dealership subscribes to the following principles and standards. Implicit in this Code is the requirement that NADA members comply fully with all federal, state, and local laws governing their businesses. We pledge to:
Operate this business in accord with the highest standards of ethical conduct.
Treat each customer in a fair, open, and honest manner, and fully comply with all laws that prohibit discrimination.
Meet the transportation needs of our customers in a knowledgeable and professional manner.
Represent our products clearly and factually, standing fully behind our warranties, direct and implied, and in all other ways justifying the customer’s respect and confidence.
Advertise our products in a positive, factual, and informative manner.
Detail charges to assist our customers in understanding repair work and provide written estimates of any service work to be performed, upon request, or as required by law.
Resolve customer concerns promptly and courteously.
Put our promises in writing and stand behind them.

NADA has also published an Ethics Guide that focuses on four key areas of dealership operations (sales, service, financial services and advertising) which can be found on their website.

The State of Utah is doing its part by requiring dealers to take these courses in order to learn the laws as they apply to the industry. You can do your part by seeing that your business is run with the highest of values and with the customer's best interest in mind.

In short, it is a very small world in the car business where everyone talks to one another. Please consider this before you start down the wrong road. The purpose of this course is to instruct you on the issues that could cause you serious problems. If you adhere to the principles taught here and make good ethical decisions, you will be successful and enjoy being part of an exciting industry!

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